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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What are the conservation order goose season dates?
  January 29, 2018 - April 25, 2018. We follow the geese as they migrate north from Arkansas to Missouri and South Dakota. We are under birds until the season is over.

Q:  How many people can I bring for my group?
  The maximum size of our hunting group will be no more than 8 per day not including 1-2 seasoned guides unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

Q:  How much and what type of ammo do I need to bring?
  Most of our clients bring ½ to 1 case of shells per hunter of 3 inch or 3 and half inch shells. The best shot sizes are B, BB, BBB. The larger shot sizes seem to work the best.

Q:  Do I need to purchase an Arkansas hunting license?
  No, you are not required to purchase a Arkansas hunting license during the conservation order. You will need a valid hunting license from your home state and you will also need to contact the AGFC to get your free conservation order number before you arrive. Most people just write the number down on the back of their current hunting license. Please check the AG&FC website for complete details. 


Q: Do I need to purchase an Missouri or South Dakota hunting license?
A: Yes, you are required to have a conservation order permit for both states. The cost for this permit in Missouri is 40 dollars for non residents and $6.00 for residents.  The cost for South Dakota is $45.00


Q:  Can I bring my dog?
  We welcome you to bring your TRAINED retriever when you have booked a group of 6 or more and have secured your own field. For the safety of your dog and the hunters all dogs must be steady to the shot and under control at all times. They must also be trained to hunt out of a dog blind.


Q:  Can I bring my kid?
  Yes, we encourage everyone to get there kids out hunting. We even offer discounted rates for youth hunters. However they must be at least 12 years old and have a hunters education card.

Q:What airport do I fly into?
  Memphis International or Little Rock International when hunting in Arkansas. They are both close to the same distance from the hunting area in Arkansas. Memphis is usually the airport of choice for most groups.  When flying into Missouri the Kansas City International or Memphis International would be used depending on what dates you are booked for.  When flying to South Dakota the Minneapolis Minnesota International is usually the choice for most.


Q:  Can I book one day of a weekend?
  No, our weekends are our most popular days to hunt and we require that your group book no less than both days of the weekend.

Q:  What about our meals?
  Meals are only included with our all inclusive hunting package in Arkansas.

Q:  How much do I tip the guide?
  The normal tip for a guide is $25-$50 per day per hunter. Please don't forget about our guides! They spend weeks getting things ready before the season and hours getting prepared for your hunt.

Q:  Who calls the shots?
  The guide will call the shots at all times. For safety reasons, the guide will say when to load your guns and when to shoot. Our guides are out there every day and they know how the geese are acting on a day to day basis, they will call the shot when the best opportunity presents itself.

Q:  What will a typical day of hunting be like with Goose and Duck Smackers Guide Service?
  We scout daily and will move our spread daily if necessary. We will leave the Hotels/Lodges each morning early enough to get comfortable in the blinds. Also allowing for any last minute adjustments to the spread and layout blinds if necessary. We will set our spread according to the current wind directions for the day and will adjust as needed. we will work hard to put your group on the geese. The whole purpose of the conservation order is to kill geese and that is what we intend to do each day.

Q:  What do we do with all of the geese once they are killed?
  We do not waste game at this guide service! All geese will be processed upon arrival back at the hotel/lodge. Everyone usually chips in and knocks it out. All geese must be processed before we go out for more! We do occasionally have some locals come by that want them if you should choose to give your birds away.


Dates: Jan 28th-March 4th 

Dates are approximate due to migration


State Licenses Fee: Free**

Licenses: AR. Game & Fish Commission


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